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Early Access Feb 15, 2017
Full Network Release Q4 2017

Tag Line

Perform ritual sacrifices to please the goddess Inanna and become the first ruler of Sumer!


The Anunnaki have created humanity and now Inanna the Divine, Queen of Heaven, seeks one among us to rule by her side. To claim the throne, four nobles of the ziggurat must compete for Inanna’s favor. She is not easily pleased, but what god is? To prove your worth you must perform sacrifices according to Inanna’s sacred rituals. Place your workers in workshops to gain resources and goats. Offer up the resources to Inanna and use the goats to trade for new workshops and abilities. Only the swiftest and cleverest noble will become the ruler of Sumer.

A digital board game inspired by M.U.L.E. and the Epic of Gilgamesh. Race across the ziggurat to harvest barley, herd goats, and sacrifice to the great goddess Inanna.

Sumer draws on modern Eurogame design elements like worker placement, territory control, and auctions. Its unique innovation is to place these into an action video game.

Gameplay Summary

The game is divided into two phases: the Harvest phase and the Auction phase. During the Harvest phase assign your workers to prepare offerings for the gods. Jump up and down the face of a ziggurat to gather resources, then bring them to the altars and sacrifice them for the gods’ Favor. Collect goats, then offer them in the auction to bid on valuable blessings like extra workers, new buildings, or influence-spreading statues. Outbid, outproduce, and outsmart your way to victory!

About Us

Studio Wumpus is an indie studio based in Brooklyn working on games that bring together the best of video games and board games! We're all designers from the NYU Game Center in Brooklyn, and as super big board game fans we wanted to explore games that combine board game mechanics with the skill-based time and physics systems available in video games.


Digital Board Games

We began developing Sumer as a way of exploring the junction between board games and videogames. We wanted to take the best of both worlds and get rid of the bad stuff, like the setup time and busywork that tends to bog down even excellent board games. By bringing together elegant board game mechanics with the physics-based execution skill of action video games, we’ve created a cutthroat strategic experience unique among modern games.

Before any of us…

...there was M.U.L.E. In 1983, Ozark Softscape released Dani Berry’s masterpiece, a complex economic simulation with real-time interactions between players. The game featured an auction mechanic in which players traded resources by walking up and down a digital space to raise or lower their buy/sell price. Critically acclaimed and beloved amongst game designers, nevertheless it sold poorly and is little known among the new generation of gamers.

We began playing and analyzing M.U.L.E. early on in Sumer’s development. Decades-old interviews with the development team revealed that M.U.L.E. had been designed with inspiration from board games like Monopoly. We wanted to pay tribute to this incredible game and expand on the legacy it should have created. Sumer’s auction is directly inspired by M.U.L.E.’s, reviving a brilliant mechanic that has lain unused for over three decades.


  • 3 game modes - Intro for learning, Short for a quick fix, and Full for the deepest experience!
  • 1-4 players - Play local with up to 4 players. Master playing solo or try to beat three of your friends.
  • Devious AI - A variety of personalities and skill levels makes the game a challenge for any number of people.
  • Infinitely replayable - A randomized board set up and a huge variety of different auction items make each playthrough a unique strategic experience.
  • A new type of game - Sumer’s mix of board game strategy and video game action has never been seen before.
  • Nuanced strategies - There is no single key to winning. Being quick on your feet and making smart long-term investments are both crucial to victory.
  • Sumerian culture - We’ve worked with professional historians to bring you the ancient civilization that invented writing, beer, and board games.
  • Customize your gameplay - Play the way you want by turning on variants like Big Head mode and Hidden Auction Items.
  • Support for mouse, keyboard, and controllers - Mouse and keyboard players are separate, so 2 players can play even if you don’t own a controller!


Gameplay Trailer (Greenlight April 2016)

Game Basics

Screenshots & Gifs

Title screen.
The sun passes across the title.

Worker Placement in action!
Placing a worker.
Players jump up the ziggurat to make a sacrifice!
Harvest Mode late in a game.
A close steal of a workshop!
Blue wakes up and is ready to sacrifice!

An auction in action.
The nobles bid goats in Inanna's divine auction.
Close shot of a sacrifice.
A noble sacrifices a pot to Inanna.
In offering, we pray.
Rituals filled, Inanna shall soon emerge.

Inanna interacting with a noble.
Bidding points in the Auction to nab that statue.
The final judgment!
Inanna has chosen the victor.
A sleeping noble recuperates.
A sleeping noble recuperates.

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Promotional Postcard w/ Tagline.

Awards & Recognition

Selected Quotes

  • "It's a very unusual, clever idea, and by the time I was done with it I wanted to play more of it."
    - Chris Remo, Idle Thumbs Podcast
  • "Fun, snappy, smartly-designed stuff."
    - Matt Lees, Shut Up & Sit Down
  • "Sumer takes the best parts of board games and the best parts of video games… and adds the best parts of bankrupting your friends and stealing their goats."
    - Bennett Foddy, Designer of QWOP
  • "A beautiful meld of board game and video game, the designers of Sumer are blending the strengths of both mediums to create new and fantastically fun ways of play."
    - Noam Strassfeld, President of The Megagame Society
  • "Imagine an RTS where they replaced clicking with jumping and debilitating frustration with fun."
    - Gabe Cuzzillo, Gorilla Loves Company

Press Coverage

Sumer OST
A soundcloud link to the music.


Misha Favorov
Game Designer, Lead Programmer

Sig Gunnarsson
Art Director, Game Designer, Programmer

Josh Raab
Game Designer, Sound Director, Programmer

Geoffrey Suthers
Game Designer, Producer

Repeating Collaborators

(In alpha order)

Adam Alexander
Illustrator, Freelancer

Craig Barnes
Sound Designer

James Case
Copywriting and Editing

Alexander King
Marketing Consultant

Jet Landis
Graphic Design, Illustration & Animation, Freelancer

Neil Quillen
Composer, Freelancer

Nanna Gunnars
Voice Work, Freelancer

Devon Talbott
Voice Work, Freelancer

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